Read about Communism and Democracy,
Justice and Solidarity, War and Peace,
Discriminations and Violations and so on.
Read and see the truth about Macedonia
and the Macedonian nation.
My name is Ljupco Mircevski-Trepet and I
am a Macedonian, born in Macedonia.
For many years I have fought against the violations and
discriminations of the Macedonian people
executed by different countries in the world,
especially the Western World and the Asian occupants.
This is a CD-book about the Macedonian question
and the Macedonian nation. The CD-book contains part 1 (430 pages) and part 2 (502 pages). This is a voluminous collection of material containing protest letters to different international organisations, institutes, governments and so on, answers and reactions from some them, pictures and maps and much more. The main part of the material is written in English (95%) but there are also texts in Macedonian, German and Scandinavian.
Macedonia is a nation that has suffered oppression
during decades, genocide and ethnic cleansing.
Macedonia is a nation the world has forgotten about.
Western authors, historians, experts, archaeologists teachers,
professors and politicians have deprived the Macedonian nation
of its history, traditions, culture, identity, literature,
symbols and land, and falsified our Macedonian antiquity.
In schools, children are deceived and indoctrinated with "Greek" history, mythology, Gods and literature instead of being taught the truth.
Before 1860, "Greece" ("Hellas") did not exist. Neither did any "Greek" ("Hellenism") nationality. Before 1913, no Serbian "Albanian" or "Bulgarian" nationality or country existed. Before the Second World War, no Montenegrin, Croatian, Bosnian or Slovenian nationality or country existed. All of this is old Macedonian territory. As evidence, there are ancient historian maps presented in book 1.
The media of the western world has never revealed the truth about Macedonia, only presented fabricated, anti-Macedonian propaganda.
During the 20th century we have heard and seen the Western world's propaganda, discrimination and violations against Macedonia and the Macedonian nation. Now it is time for us to make our voices heard and to inform the world about the truth. We want to show the world our struggle for justice and reveal to the world the truth about
Macedonia and the Macedonian nation.
I want to warn the readers about the shocking pictures in the book, of young Macedonians, some tortured, others massacred in the spring of 2001 by "Albanian" Nazi fascist extremists and terrorists and with the help of corrupt Macedonian traitors, who call themselves politicians and the Western World's Governments, and the Western World's organizations the NATO, the UN and the EU.
This is an echo of the Second World War when Hitler's nazis and Mussolini's fascists occupied Macedonia and gave the "Albanian" terrorists and fascists permission to massacre, murder and slaughter hundreds of thousands of Macedonians. Now the NATO, the UN and the EU are the barbarian, performing the same task as Hitler and Mussolini did. We Macedonians will never forget nor forgive this.
Many people have asked why the CD-book is named
Macedonia for the Macedonians. The answer to this question
will be revealed when you read the CD-book.
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I can promise you an interesting and exciting reading.
Ljupco Mircevski-Trepet